Ethical behavior and the rules of medical ethics constitute our frame of reference for the implementation of institutional values and their application will be an ever-present purpose in the provision of services at the Instituto Cardiovascular de Risaralda.

The principles and values present in the human talent of the men and women of our institution represent the moral and ethical convictions necessary to fulfill our duties in an integral, humane, efficient and quality manner; promoting as much as possible the improvement of the standards of health care of the people who come to us, with the objective of improving their health conditions and life expectancy.

Value is understood as that which makes a man to be such, without which he would lose his humanity or part of it. Value refers to excellence or perfection. Based on this concept, we use behavioral guidelines or guides, oriented to propitiate our evolution towards institutional improvement and realization, always thinking of a positive transformation or development.


We fulfill our functions and duties in an adequate manner, providing an integral benefit in the rendering of our services to the community, providing adequate and continuous training to our human resources, and fostering an appropriate organizational and working environment that is reflected in a better and more responsible performance of their functions.


We are always seeking, as one of the most important factors in the fulfillment of our mission, that the provision of our services is done in a correct, honorable and respectful way, with the objective of providing the best possible attention to our users.


We promote the rectitude of our employees in the acts proper to their functions, instilling in them that their actions are always based on truth and true justice.