It is understood as principles the rules of conduct that propitiate an ethical and morally adequate attention; with the implementation of values ​​that must be shared, internalized and applied by all members of the Institution in order to efficiently achieve the business mission.


We are committed to a rational and timely use of our technical and human resources, in order to improve the health conditions of people who use our services, developing a structural and financial flexibility that allows us to be competitive and make the necessary adjustments in relation with the changing demands of the environment, always seeking excellence in the quality of our services.


We carry out actions directed to the presentation of the service in the appropriate or opportune moment, propitiating in a positive way the desired end, which is to provide the best attention of our users.


We seek effective, timely, personalized, humanized and continuous attention according to accepted quality standards in scientific, technical and administrative procedures; counting on the knowledge and using the appropriate technology for an optimal attention of our users, following the guidelines of the current norms in health.


We always seek to obtain a better quality of attention using adequately existing technical and human resources to achieve user satisfaction.