In recent years we have witnessed the fast growth of all areas of medical knowledge and cardiology as a subspecialty has not been the exception, having made significant progress in both diagnostic and therapeutic methods that have effectively improved the life expectancy of patients with Cardiovascular conditions. This context of technological advances, have not been alien to our institution, which has always assumed new challenges to maintain technological renewal and maintain the highest standards of quality in the field of medicine, which has allowed us to consolidate as a leading medical institution in the field of cardiology at Risaralda (Colombia).

In 2001, the Instituto Cardiovascular Risaralda began operating in the facilities of the Comfamiliar Clinic of Pereira/Risaralda with the support of a visionary management team, determined to implement and develop a high-level Cardiology program, in accordance with the needs of the Pereira population and its areas of influence, providing specialized medical services of high quality, avoiding the transfer of patients to other regions of the country with the discomfort and high costs that this entailed for patients and their relatives.

Since its inception the firm purpose of developing the cardiology program has been maintained, including highly complex procedures, with the support of a properly trained human resource with excellent technological support, and this is how the Instituto Cardiovascular Risaralda has remained at the forefront of technological advances in the area of cardiology in the region, which has allowed it to position itself as a pioneering entity in cardiovascular diagnosis.

The achievements obtained have allowed and will allow us to continue writing our history with strength, dedication and professionalism without ever abandoning our vocation of service, without forgetting human quality. Our objective can be summarized with our slogan “Your heart on the best hands”.