What is the user association?

The users’ association is made up of a group of users of the INSTITUTO CARDIOVASCULAR S.A, whose corporate purpose is to monitor the provision, quality and timeliness of the services provided to users, the defense of the rights of said users and compliance with their duties in accordance with current regulations.

What are the functions of the Users' Association?

The User Association of INSTITUTO CARDIOVASCULAR SA has the following functions:

  • Provide users with advice and support for the exercise of their rights and obligations, in accordance with the approved regulations.
  • In each year’s work plan, training will be scheduled for associates on the Institution’s portfolio of services.
  • Maintain communication channels with affiliates that allow knowing their concerns and suggestions regarding the quality, timeliness and schedules of services.
  • Open spaces are created in the Institution, to inform members of the Users Association, its purpose, main functions, members and how they can be contacted.
  • Through monitoring the service offered in the different units as users, companions or observers.
  • Participate in the analysis, proposal of corrective actions and follow-up of the comments for improvement when the user so requests and monitor that the pertinent corrective measures are taken in each case.
  • Participate in the meetings of the Association on behalf of users, taking their suggestions and requests to them so that they are taken into account in decision-making, seeking to improve the quality of service provision.
  • In the quarterly meetings of the Association, a space for feedback will be provided, so that members can present their suggestions, recommendations or perceptions of the service, either through personal experience or through comments from other users.
  • Inform the corresponding instances and the borrowing institutions and promoting companies, if the quality of the service provided does not satisfy the needs of its members.


How can applications be submitted to the Users Association?

The affiliates and employers of INSTITUTO CARDIOVASCULAR SA may submit their concerns and suggestions to the association, by means of a written communication or through the email account msalazar@localhost . Once the requirements are received, they will be processed by the institution’s quality committee; so that the situations are verified, the pertinent corrective measures are taken, the user is informed and the result of this management is reported to the association at the following month’s meeting. Applications sent to the Association must comply with the following:

  • Submit in writing, by physical or electronic mail to the addresses indicated for this purpose.
  • Relate the following data: full name, surnames, identification number, address, telephone number of the user, as well as a description of the facts or the suggestion that you wish to make.

Once the communication is received through the Users’ Association, INSTITUTO CARDIOVASCULAR SA will have a maximum period of 10 business days to respond to the user or employer.

Users association meetings.

The users’ association will meet quarterly with prior summons from Management, or any of its members, based on the agenda proposed in the summons to the meeting, as follows:

  • Calling the list and forum verification
  • Reading, discussion and approval of the minutes, previous
  • Presentation of topics to be discussed
  • Proposals and Miscellaneous A minute will be drawn up for each meeting in the institutional format and must be accompanied by an attendance list.

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